U.S. Friends visit to Chalmers and Scholarship Ceremony

Campus visit, August 24th On this gloomy thursday, Chalmers had the honor of hosting a delegation of U.S. Friends representatives for a visit on campus. We started out at Restaurant Hyllan, where a delicious lunch was served. After filling up on energy, we all took a swift walk up to MC2, where we were met by […]

At least three scholarships to U.S. students 2017

The 2018/2019 academic year at Chalmers will be a good one for U.S. students wanting to study at Chalmers. At the moment, we know there will be at least three scholarships. Rune Andersson, Chalmers alumnus, businessman and generous supporter of his Alma Mater has agreed to direct some of the funds he has donated to Chalmers […]

Happy 4th of July!

I just came back from celebrating 4th of July together with two U.S. Friends scholarship recipients, Brett Seward and Josh Turan. Brett, who was the first U.S. Friends Scholarship recipient from back in 2012, has come back to Gothenburg to see some old friends and reconnect with Chalmers! It’s the first time he’s back since […]

Atlanta, May 25-28

As usual, the CING North America annual meeting, this year in Atlanta, got off to a flying start with Club Emil on Thursday, May 25th. This year, we had the pleasure of being invited to the home of Chalmers alumnus, Lennart Thörnquist and his wife, Shannon, who had arranged a lovely get-together. The peasoup was […]

Summer greetings from Josh and Chalmers

Last year, those who attended the scholarship award ceremony in Dallas met Josh Turan (2016 U.S. Friends of Chalmers scholarship awardee) and his mother Debbie. It was an ambitiuos and dedicated student we met there and noone had any doubt that he would fit in perfectly and be very successful at Chalmers. At the end […]

World Premiere of the US Friends of Chalmers California Choir

US Friends of Chalmers celebrated Club Emil in Silicon Valley and  TGIT (Thank God I’m Thirsty)  in San Diego May 4! 10 of us met at the home of Per Svedlund in San Diego and  in addition to having great conversations about the ins and outs of being a Chalmerist in California we also participated […]

Chalmers in Silicon Valley, March 30th, 2017

On March 30th, Chalmers and U.S. Friends, together with SACC SF/SV, Silicon Vikings and K&L Gates, hosted an alumni and friends event in San Francisco, honoring Consul General, Barbro Osher. Four researchers, who have or are currently conducting research visits at California universities, all funded by the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation. Chalmers President and […]

TGIT in San Diego, January

The San Diego Chapter of US Friends of Chalmers gathered for our traditional TGIT at the home of Per Svedlund in La Jolla. 10 of us shared stories, enjoyed some food and wine,  and talked about what we can do to increase the awareness of the scholarships provided by US Friends of Chalmers and how […]

A night on the town in New York!

It was very nice meeting old and new friends on the night of January 8th! Erik, Petter, Nancy, Markus, Laurie, and myself were old timers who have been at previous meetings and Martin & Ehsan were new faces. Both Martin and Ehsan have been exchange students at Chalmers and both appreciated the long term cause to […]

Holiday greetings from U.S. Friends scholar

It’s hard to believe that almost five months have passed since I first arrived in Sweden and began my studies at Chalmers. As the cliché goes, time flies when you’re having fun and Sweden has been a whirlwind of incredible experiences. Coming from a small town in Tennessee and having traveled very little, Gothenburg feels […]

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