Chalmers Pub evening in San Francisco

Dear Chalmerists! Now during the summer there are a lot of Chalmerists staying in San Francisco and The Bay Area. We at U.S. Friends of Chalmers think that this is a great opportunity to get together and would like to invite both Chalmers alumni and students to join us for a pub evening at the […]

9/6 Chalmers students in Silicon Valley

Just a few days ago about 40 Chalmers students from “Berkeleykommittén” arrived in San Francisco and will during 8 intense weeks study entrepreneurial courses at UC Berkeley and Stanford. Every second summer students at the program of Industrial Management & Engineering at Chalmers get the opportunity to come to The Bay Area to learn and get […]

3/6 U.S. Friends goes Chicago – CING Annual Meeting

On Memorial Day weekend U.S. Friends of Chalmers had the opportunity to, together with 40 Chalmerists, invade Chicago and the CING annual meeting. The weekend started off by visiting Argonne National Laboratory, an amazing facility that once was a part of Manhattan Project and the first atomic bomb. Today Argonne hosts one of the world’s largest […]

6/5 The Newsletter #2 is out now!

You will find our latest newsletter here. If you would like to subscribe for our future newsletter, please send an email to with your contact info and we will add you.

27/4 Job Posting – Internship Chalmers USA

Chalmers and U.S. Friends of Chalmers is looking for you who would like new challenges in Silicon Valley. The area is one of the most vibrant and creative areas in the world. For a period of 12 months you will get the opportunity to do an internship in a company based in Silicon Valley. More […]

11/4 Principal Karin Markides Visits Silicon Valley!

Chalmers Principal Karin Markides visited Silicon Valley in late March in order to secure future internship placements. She had met with SonyEricsson and agreed on two future internship spots there later this year in addition to the one at Retail Solutions. More information about the coming internships will be posted soon! We had the opportunity […]

8/3 – To all Chalmers Alumni in the North America

U.S. Friends of Chalmers is now more active than ever in the US and Canada and we would love to reconnect with you. Our mission has since the start in 2002 been to support Chalmers research and education through donations and contact building in the US while also promoting culture and knowledge exchange to make […]

1/20 – The first interns have arrived!

Chalmers has created an internship program in Silicon Valley with the purpose of providing U.S. Friends of Chalmers with more support. Two ambitious and entrepreneurial interns have been selected and given the opportunity to work and learn in the unique and innovative environment there. While working for their host companies, they will also be managing […]

4/10 Innovation @ Google / U.S. Friends of Chalmers Dinner

With Richard Steiber in the lead, Google and Chalmers arranged a workshop together at Google’s main office in Mountainview on the 4th of October. The main points of discussion at  this workshop were around innovation and entrepreneurship. Among the speakers, one could hear Richard Steiber talking about Googles successful innovation policies as well as Karin […]

5/31 CINGs Annual Meeting 2010, Pasadena, Los Angeles

CINGs annual meeting in 2010 was held in Pasadena, Los Angeles. Chalmers Alumni from both USA and Canada had three intensive days where they attended CINGs executive meeting, enjoyed several studyvisits and were invited to a traditional Chalmers Gasque. During the studyvisits, CalTech provided a tour which was followed by seminars on the latest research […]

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