Christmas greeting from Chalmers and Rebecca

I just met with Rebecca Gillie, the 2017 U.S. Friends of Chalmers Scholarship awardee for lunch. Since I hadn’t seen her since this summer, I was a bit worried about how she might be coping with the change in season. I wasn’t overly worried about the cold since she is used to winters, having spent most of her life in either Ohio or Delaware, but I was a bit worried about the darkness. However, as it turned out, my concerns were undue, it was a bubbly and very healthy-looking young woman who met me in the snow outside Wijkanders!

Campus in winter cover

She tells me she is very satisfied with her classes and has made plenty of new friends from all over the world. Considering her friendly personality and generosity, I’m not surprised – she tells me she cooked Thanksgiving dinner for some of her neighbors – what a wonderful initiative!

She’s been rather busy with her studies but has found the time to travel to Copenhagen for a weekend. So far, no trip has been made to the Swedish capital (which is, of course, not that neccessary since she lives in the best city in Sweden;)) but one of her former classmates will do a semester abroad in Stockholm spring 2018 so then she’ll have a good reason to go there; that’s probably a wize choice considering how beautiful our capital city is in the springtime!

The holidays will be spent in Cincinnati, OH with family and then she’ll be back full of new energy to take on another semester of hard studying. There is no doubt that Rebecca is very grateful for the chance she was given to come to Chalmers. “I wouldn’t have been able to go to Chalmers if it weren’t for the scholarship, I’m very thankful to all who have contributed to giving me this opportunity”. I can already tell she is making the most of it in every way and I leave feeling warm and fuzzy inside despite the slush and darkness that define Gothenburg this time of year.

At Chalmers we are equally grateful to all of you who support us – the university is a richer place thanks to our international students and our American scholars play an important role in diversifying the student population! We hope you will continue to support Chalmers through the scholarship program, it serves a very important purpose!

Thanks for your support in 2017!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your friends at Chalmers!