Club Emil in Dallas

Fall came around the corner quickly this year and with it was time for another US Friends of Chalmers event at the Wooden Spoon in Plano, TX. The last time we had an event here, it was preceding the CING US – Canada 2016 weekend in May. Personally, I was not able to attend in May, but I think it is safe to say that I was able to receive a glimpse in what great atmosphere there must have been. I say this because on the somewhat dark 3rd November eve, 14 eager alumni, family members and friends gathered for a social evening. Participation included KTH alumni and travelers all the way from Sweden, gathered together for great food and great singing.

The evening started with appetizers and refreshments, a nice warm up for the rest of the evening after work. When it was time to sit down for the main dish, the traditional pea soup, it did not take very long for song requests to be voiced. “Punschen Kommer” lead the way and as the evening progressed I don’t think any song on the Song Page was left unsung. I say Song Page, because we did not carry the usual Song Booklet. The page was very popular for its concise layout. if a song was not present, the smart phones or memory brought it to life very quickly.

All in all, a great evening and requests are already heard for the next one to be scheduled.

Franco Maras, Dallas Chapter Chair