Club Emil in Silicon Valley

On Thursday, September first, 2016 six Chalmers alumni, family and friends gathered for Club Emil ärtsoppa, pancakes and punsch at my residence in Los Gatos, Silicon Valley. We had participation of employees from various local technology companies; Google, Juniper, Flextronics, Apple, Samsung, and  a start-up entrepreneur. Two alumni from Lund University and one from Linköping University graced our gathering as well. Let me tell you!! Tthey can sing punsch songs to – believe they had practiced with the choir at Lund and Linköping. We were also honored by the presence of a good Danish friend from Innovation center of Denmark in Silicon Valley.

Many thanks to Ingrid, who helped me with the ärtsoppa recipe as well as Ola and Camellia for helping with making pancakes.

Staffan former president and chairman of U.S. Friends of Chalmers donated two bottles of “punsch” which were very appreciated.

The Silicon Valley chapter of US Friends of Chalmers thanked Staffan for his contribution and outstanding effort in the last few years as President of US Friends of Chalmers.







I’m looking forward to the next alumni gathering in Silicon Valley.
Mahsa Nakhjiri – Chairwoman, U.S. Friends of Chalmers Silicon Valley Chapter