Scholarship Fundraiser/Club Emil

They say some habits die hard… our Thursday-before-Thanksgiving Club Emil, featuring peasoup, pancakes and punsch, is definitely a good example of this. The traditional Thursday event has marked the opening of the annual meeting program for several years and is a fundraiser for our scholarship program, aiming to help American students get their Master’s Degrees at Chalmers. Since the first scholarship was given out in 2012, eight, mainly alumni-funded, scholarships have been awarded to American students – you can find presentations of all the awardees here.

Last year, no less than three outstanding students received scholarships at the ceremony in Seattle. The scholarships were funded by some large and many smaller donations from alumni and friends. This year’s two scholarships are funded by the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation and will be handed over to the awardees by the President and CEO of Chalmers, Stefan Bengtsson.

During the dinner last year, we managed to raise just over  $ 4000 for our scholarship program and this year, we hope to do even better. Chalmers pays for food, drink and rental costs and we ask each participant to donate a minimum of $ 100, all of which goes to fund more scholarships. If you are not able to attend the dinner but are interested in supporting the scholarships, you are of course very welcome to make a donation. You will find a list of our donors on our donor wall.