Happy 4th of July!

Brett Seward and Josh Turan

Celebrating in true American style!

I just came back from celebrating 4th of July together with two U.S. Friends scholarship recipients, Brett Seward and Josh Turan. Brett, who was the first U.S. Friends Scholarship recipient from back in 2012, has come back to Gothenburg to see some old friends and reconnect with Chalmers! It’s the first time he’s back since he graduated in 2014 and he is happy to find that he still recognizes the city that was his home for two years.

It is wonderful to meet Brett and hear him talk about his time at Chalmers and what it’s meant to him. For the past 3 years, since his graduation from Chalmers, he has been working for Johns Manville in Littleton, Colorado – a company that designs, manufactures and tests materials for insulation. Brett is in charge of the acoustics lab, where he oversees the testing of different products for a wide range of customers. This is just in line with the academic and practical training he received as a student at Chalmers and a perfect match for what Brett was looking for in a professional career! He loves his life in Colorado and is doing very well, so well in fact, that he has decided to give something back to Chalmers!

Brett is happy to be back at his Alma Mater

Brett found the education of his dreams at Chalmers and U.S. Friends of Chalmers helped him make it possible to follow that dream! Now he has joined this group of generous alumni and donated to U.S. Friends and the scholarship fund to help another American student get a cutting-edge education at his Alma Mater – Chalmers!

– I can’t think of a better way to say thanks to all the generous donors who helped me than by paying my gratitude forward to the benefit of the next generation of students!

All gifts help make a difference for another U.S. student and both Chalmers and all the scholarship recipients to date are grateful for every contribution, they help raise the awareness Chalmers to the American public by bringing some of the best students to campus.

With this, Chalmers, Brett and Josh want to wish our friends in the U.S. Happy 4th of July!