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Background and purpose
Chalmers University of Technology has a long standing history of organizing internships for our students in North America. Since the early 60’s this has been the primary responsibility of the two collaborating organizations CETAC and AMCIP.

The purpose of our programs is to give students a genuine work experience within their specific field of education and to create cultural understanding between the United States and the Scandinavian countries. We have proved to be very successful in satisfying students as well as hosting companies and have therefore gained a good reputation among business partners in Sweden, the USA and Canada.

What do we offer?

One of our goals is to foster international business cooperation. Therefore, we make sure to only send highly motivated and technically skilled interns to the participating companies. With a different perspective, fresh ideas and a burning interest we are sure to make solid and unique contributions. We also believe the cultural exchange to be of great benefit to both parties.

All of our members are students at Chalmers, fluent in English and will at least have completed their B.Sc. before the beginning of the internship. Many of them are also currently completing their M.Sc.degrees. All of our members are studying one of the fields listed below:

Architecture and engineering Electrical engineering
Automation and mechatronics engineering Engineering mathematics
Bioengineering Engineering physics
Chemical engineering Industrial design engineering
Chemical engineering w/ engineering physics Industrial engineering and management
Civil engineering Mechanical engineering
Computer science and engineering Software engineering

Availability, Visa and Compensation

  • All students are available from June 13th – August 28th
  • However, most students are eager and willing to stay either 6 or 12 months
  • We collaborate with ASF (American Scandinavian Foundation, www.amscan.org) and SACC (Swedish American Chamber of Commerce www.sacc-usa.org) in order to obtain our visas.
  • We submit applications through ASF and SACC who will contact you for confirmation of the internship
  • We recommend that the hosting company funds the VISA-cost, which will vary based on the duration of the internship
  • Students require a pay to cover living expenses, however past compensations from companies have varied from providing housing and/or transportation to even covering travel expenses to and from North America

Contact info

If you have an interest in our programs and students you may contact us through:

Email   info@amcip.se

You may also check out our websites: