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Donor Wall

Anyone who makes a donation of at least $ 1000 within one calendar year, will be listed on the donor wall. Supporters, donors of $ 100 – 999) are listed here. Donors remain on the donor wall for two years unless they make another donation of at least $ 1000 within those two years. A donor who accumulates donations of $ 100 000 over time earns the title “Lifetime platinum donor”.

“Thanks to all the U.S. Friends of Chalmers donors who made it possible for me to follow my dream and get my Master’s Degree at Chalmers.”

Mark Meurer
Scholarship awardee, 2014

List of Supporters 1819


Lifetime Platinum donors:
Bo and Anita Hedfors
Barbro Osher, Pro Suécia Foundation

Platinum donors:
Rune Andersson

Gold donors:
Dan and Gigi Werbin
Conny and Lena Kullman
Bengt and Margerita Gerborg

Silver donors:
Anders Gustafsson
Peter Rieman
Erland Magnusson

Bronze donors:
Jan-Anders Dalenstam
Arne and Eva Dunhem
Åke and Ingrid Hellström
Carl and Linda Eriksson
Tönis and Maud Tilk
Bo Larsson
SWEA, San Diego
Lennart Mengwall