U.S. Friends annual visit in Gothenburg

Every year Chalmers invites the Board of US Friends to Gothenburg for a one day program in August. The theme this year was Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the meeting was organized by Peter Hellqvist, Alumni coordinator and Anders Wennberg, Chief Resource Officer. The Board represented by Bo Hedfors and Erland Magnusson were welcomed to a lunch where Anders […]

Chalmerist Blogs

We have previously been writing about Chalmers students that now have the opportunity to do internships here in North America. We have now tracked down some of their blogs where they write about their adventures and experiences during their stay. Johan Ostman – Niklas Andersson – Mathias Jones – Mattias Eriksson – […]

Chalmers at World Grad School Tour

Are you interested in international Master studies or PhD? Do you want to study in Sweden?  You now have the opportunity to meet alumni from Chalmers University of Technology and learn more how you can build a successful future in an international environment. Come and meet us at World Grad School Tour in Boston, New York, […]

New Intern, Johannes Fredén Jansson

  The U.S. Friends of Chalmers Internship program continues and the latest addition is Johannes Fredén Jansson. The program strives to always have at least two interns present in Silicon Valley and to swap one every sixth month. Johannes will replace Markus Holmberg, whose internship has just ended. Johannes is a guitar playing Software Engineering […]

8/4 Meet Ericsson and Chalmers University of Technology – Leading the Way on Software Engineering

Event date: Thursday August 4, 2011 at 4:00 – 6:30 PM. Signup is at Join us this afternoon as Ericsson and Chalmers University of Technology, leaders in software engineering, talk about software innovation and future directions. We will have two executive speakers and experts from the organizations. Håkan Eriksson* is CTO of Ericsson and […]

7/20 Silicon Vikings Mixer with Sven Otto Littorin

Join Silicon Vikings this evening for a mixer where you will have an opportunity to hear and network with Sven Otto Littorin. He will speak about his experiences at Stanford and how that shaped his insights into the relationships between innovation, entrepreneurship and employment policy. Sven Otto was the Swedish Minister for Employment in the cabinet of […]

Thank you all for a wonderful pub evening

At Friday night more than 40 Chalmerists joined the U.S Friends of Chalmers for a Pub Evening at the Cantina Bar in San Francisco. A mixture of Chalmers alumni and students from all over The Bay Area were there to have culinary cocktail or a locally brewed beer and to hang out with a great crew. Of […]

Chalmers Pub evening in San Francisco

Dear Chalmerists! Now during the summer there are a lot of Chalmerists staying in San Francisco and The Bay Area. We at U.S. Friends of Chalmers think that this is a great opportunity to get together and would like to invite both Chalmers alumni and students to join us for a pub evening at the […]

9/6 Chalmers students in Silicon Valley

Just a few days ago about 40 Chalmers students from “Berkeleykommittén” arrived in San Francisco and will during 8 intense weeks study entrepreneurial courses at UC Berkeley and Stanford. Every second summer students at the program of Industrial Management & Engineering at Chalmers get the opportunity to come to The Bay Area to learn and get […]

3/6 U.S. Friends goes Chicago – CING Annual Meeting

On Memorial Day weekend U.S. Friends of Chalmers had the opportunity to, together with 40 Chalmerists, invade Chicago and the CING annual meeting. The weekend started off by visiting Argonne National Laboratory, an amazing facility that once was a part of Manhattan Project and the first atomic bomb. Today Argonne hosts one of the world’s largest […]

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