5/31 CINGs Annual Meeting 2010, Pasadena, Los Angeles

CINGs annual meeting in 2010 was held in Pasadena, Los Angeles. Chalmers Alumni from both USA and Canada had three intensive days where they attended CINGs executive meeting, enjoyed several studyvisits and were invited to a traditional Chalmers Gasque. During the studyvisits, CalTech provided a tour which was followed by seminars on the latest research […]

2/4 ReTech 2010, Washington DC

During the ReTech exhibition In Washington DC, Chalmers took the opportunity to invite many Chalmers Alumni. These had the opportunity to visit Volvos display where one was given a presentation regarding Volvos investments and activities in Northern America.

Chalmers Innovation night, Wallenberg Hall, Stanford

Chalmers has a development program for small startups and middle sized groth companies in the Gothenburg Region. One part of the program is a study trip to Silicon Valley where one visits incubators, companies and universities in the area. In cooperation with Chalmers, Silicon vikings and U.S. Friends of Chalmers took this opportunity to invite […]

Chalmers for a sustainable future / CINGs Annual Meeting 2009 – Swedish Embassy, Washington DC

CINGS annual meeting was in 2009 held in Washington DC where alumni from Chalmers and Canada gathered for two intensive days of meetings and studyvisits. The theme for this year was Chalmers for a sustainable future and was initiated with an event at the Swedish Embassy. Principle Karin Markides as well as Professor Art J. […]

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