Professor from Chalmers visits New York

Professor Ann-Sofie Sandberg from the Department of Food and Nutrition Science was in New York to take part in the Swedish American Chalmers of Commerce’s Green Summit, November 14-15. As luck would have it, she was able to meet up with a small but eager group of Chalmers alumni and friends at Mighty Quinn’s pub for some […]

Club Emil in Dallas

Fall came around the corner quickly this year and with it was time for another US Friends of Chalmers event at the Wooden Spoon in Plano, TX. The last time we had an event here, it was preceding the CING US – Canada 2016 weekend in May. Personally, I was not able to attend in […]

TGIT – pizzanight in San Diego

US Friends of Chalmers San Diego Chapter – TGIT 10 of us got together for a TGIT (Thank God I’m Thirsty) event at the home of Per Cederstav -one of our honorary Chalmerists, an MIT grad…. In addition to good conversations and satisfying our thirst we created and assembled our own personal pizzas that were then […]

Club Emil in Silicon Valley

On Thursday, September first, 2016 six Chalmers alumni, family and friends gathered for Club Emil ärtsoppa, pancakes and punsch at my residence in Los Gatos, Silicon Valley. We had participation of employees from various local technology companies; Google, Juniper, Flextronics, Apple, Samsung, and  a start-up entrepreneur. Two alumni from Lund University and one from Linköping University graced […]

Advisory Board members visiting Chalmers

On August 26th a group of advisory board members and founders visited Chalmers. The main event of the day was a scholarship ceremony where privately funded scholarship recipients got a chance to meet their benefactors. However, more activities were planned – the day started out with a visit to Chalmers Ventures followed by lunch before […]

Thanks to Staffan Nilsson and welcome Arne and Marianne

At the annual meeting on May 3rd, Staffan Nilsson resigned from the posts as Chairman and President of U.S. Friends of Chalmers after six years; four as President and then two as both Chairman and President. Arne Dunhem, who lives in the Washington, D.C. area takes over as Chairman and Marianne Ericsson from San Diego will be President going […]

CING annual meeting, Dallas 2016

Same procedure as last year? Same precedure as every year….only different location! This year, the turn had come to the Dallas alumni group to organize the events making up the festive weekend for the CING annual meeting, and boy did they do a good job! It all started with a visit to Ericsson, Plano, where […]

Club Emil, Dallas, May 26th, 2016

As tradition has it, this year’s CING North America annual meeting was kicked off with a traditional Club Emil on May 26th. The venue was the Scandinavian shop “The Wooden Spoon” and some 25 alumni, along with a couple of representatives from Chalmers (the mothership) and the 2016 U.S. Friends of Chalmers scholarship recipient, Josh Turan […]

Happy Hour in Dallas

“On a beautiful spring evening at the end of April, on the 27th to be exact, we had a very nice US Friends of Chalmers gathering at Gordon Biersch in Plano, TX. This happened to take place on the same night as our fellow Chalmers alumni and friends were celebrating in New York. The North […]

Cinco de Mayo in San Diego

Thursday, May 5th, we all gathered to commemorate the sad ’sinko de mayo’ when a whole load of mayo from Sweden destined for San Diego sank outside the coast of Mexico. Very sad indeed!! However, after about 3 seconds of sadness Chalmersandan took over and we had yet another great TGIT with the San Diego Chapter of […]

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