Report from simultaneous events, October 9th

On October 9th, four events were held from East Coast to West Coast. Starting with a Club Emil, featuring pea soup and punsch at the home of Arne and Eva Dunhem in Washington, D.C., the spirits were high when the baton was passed to the Dallas chapter at 8 pm via phone link singing traditional […]

The new scholarship recipient has arrived at Chalmers

Mark Meurer, the U.S. Friends of Chalmers scholarship recipient for 2014 has started his Master’s degree at Chalmers. When meeting with U.S. Friends of Chalmers representatives, Arne and Eva Dunhem over lunch, he expressed his gratitude over having been offered this opportunity. The following letter from Mark says it all: Hello, my name is Mark Meurer […]

Simultaneous October events – from coast to coast

Not only will October 9th see the birth of a new chapter of U.S. Friends in Southern California, there will also be 3 additional simultaneous (on the same day) events taking place in Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Silicon Valley. These events will all be traditional Club Emil events featuring ärtsoppa/yellow pea soup and punsch. For […]

New Chapter of U.S. Friends of Chalmers

U.S. Friends of Chalmers, SoCal Chapter is organizing its inaugural event – TGIT (Thank Good It is Thursday) on October 9 at 6.00 PM. Please join your fellow Chalmers Alumni and Friends for a social gathering at the home of Per Svedlund (M68) and his wife Marianne, at 7329 Eads Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037. […]

U.S. Friends at inauguration of AstaZero

A dream came true for Swedish traffic safety researchers when Astazero, the most advanced testing facility for active safety, opened on August 21. Sweden can now take a leading position in the development of the future’s automotive technology. The inauguration took place on August 21st and among those who celebrated were Dan and Gigi Werbin, […]

Report from Brett Seward – U.S. Friends scholarship awardee 2012

U.S. Alumni, It has been nearly two years since I stepped off the plane at Landvetter Airport, extremely jetlagged and technically homeless. I quickly and rather luckily found an apartment and managed to get accustomed to life in Göteborg, while also beginning the Sound & Vibration master’s program at Chalmers. And now a short 22 […]

CING annual meeting – Memorial Day weekend

Just like in previous years, Chalmers alumni in North America got together for a weekend of fun as well as more serious events in conjunction with the CING annual meeting, which this year was held in San Diego during the Memorial Day weekend.   Club Emil is a fundraising event, organized by U.S. Friends of […]

Meet the new Chairman – Staffan Nilsson

Staffan Nilsson has 39 years of experience from the global high tech and telecommunications markets. He provides a broad operational experience having worked for Ericsson, a large cap company with 110,000 employees as well as seed stage Silicon Valley companies with as few as 5 employees, with hands-on experience running multi-national organizations targeting the global markets. […]

Thanks from Mark Meurer – the U.S. Friends scholarship recipient, 2014

Thank you note from Bo Hedfors, departing Chairman of U.S. Friends of Chalmers University of Technology, Inc.

I co-founded U.S. Friends of Chalmers with Erland Magnusson and Conny Kullman in 2002 based on an initiative by the late Mr. Ragnar Kihlberg, Director of Corporate Relations at Chalmers. The organization was incorporated in the State of Delaware on April 4, 2002 and held its organizational meeting on May 9, 2002, where I was […]

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