Summer greetings from Josh and Chalmers

Last year, those who attended the scholarship award ceremony in Dallas met Josh Turan (2016 U.S. Friends of Chalmers scholarship awardee) and his mother Debbie. It was an ambitiuos and dedicated student we met there and noone had any doubt that he would fit in perfectly and be very successful at Chalmers. At the end of the first year, it is quite obvious that Josh has found his place, not only in the classroom but also in the student community and in a new world outside his home country. The studies are going very well and although he has found some aspects quite different than he expected, he is very impressed and content with the education. When he’s not studying, you are likely to find Josh carrying out one of his big passions in life – climbing, in the state-of-the-art climbing facility run by “Fysiken”, the student fitness centre.

Klätterlabbet i Kopparbunken

One of the things Josh really enjoys at Chalmers is the international atmosphere on campus. He has made friends from many different countries and, in fact, spent time visiting a friend in Greece during Christmas. When we meet Josh to get his assessmentafter year 1, his mother Debbie was in town for a visit and the two were about to take off for further adventures in Bergen, Norway before she heads back to Tennessee. “I am already planning to come back next summer”, Debbie says, it is quite clear that Gothenburg has made a lasting impression on the Turan family.

During the summer, Josh will be working at Volvo where he has landed a summer job, getting some valuable industry experience and contacts as well as earning some well-needed extra cash to get him through his last year of Master’s studies.

Josh and Debbie, along with the Chalmers fundraising crew, want to thank U.S. Friends of Chalmers for making it possible for Josh to study at Chalmers and wish you all a wonderful summer!