TGIT – pizzanight in San Diego

US Friends of Chalmers San Diego Chapter – TGIT

10 of us got together for a TGIT (Thank God I’m Thirsty) event at the home of Per Cederstav -one of our honorary Chalmerists, an MIT grad…. In addition to good conversations and satisfying our thirst we created and assembled our own personal pizzas that were then baked in Per’s beautiful wood fired pizza oven. A true engineering challenge; not quite on the level of ‘Houston we have a problem’ but still quite a problem solving opportunity – combining dough, sauce, spices, toppings and more. The outcome was quite enjoyable, and nobody left hungry. Ivar Schoenmeyr won the price for the best look and taste!!!

Winning pizza

We also raised $190 for the US Friends of Chalmers Scholarship Fund! Next meeting is planned for January 19, 2017 – so mark you calendars!

Until next time – Marianne Ericsson, San Diego Chapter Chair