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Why Scholarships?

The U.S. Friends of Chalmers Scholarship Program for U.S. Master’s StudentsMatching campaign 2020-2022

Since the introduction of tuition fees for non-EU students in 2011, U.S. Friends has funded eight scholarships for American students to get their Master’s Degrees at Chalmers. The scholarship of $35 000 covers the tuition fee for the 2-year Master’s Program.

Matching campaign for the years 2020-2022:
For the coming three years, we have set aside money from the Osher* funds to use in a matching scheme. This means that as soon as our U.S. Friends group has raised funds for a full scholarship, it will be matched with another scholarship from the Osher funds. Up to two scholarships per year will be matched in the years 2020, 2021and 2022. You can find information about the matching program here.

2018 – a very good year for U.S. students
Until 2018, we were able to offer a maximum of one scholarship each year to an American student. However, thanks to some very generous alumni and an amendment to the stipulations of an earlier donation from Barbro Osher*, as well as an increase of large donations from our alumni group in the U.S, we are able to offer three full scholarships to American students in 2018.

The following scholarships were awarded at a ceremony in Seattle in May 2018:

1. The U.S. Friends of Chalmers Rune Andersson Scholarship (covered in full by Mr. Rune Andersson, alumnus V68)
2. The U.S. Friends of Chalmers Bo Hedfors Scholarship (covered in full by Mr. Bo Hedfors, alumnus E68)
5. The U.S. Friends of Chalmers Scholarship (covered by a mix of large and smaller donations)

This is an unprecedented success and we want to thank all the donors! Now we are working on scholarships for the years to come and we hope for your continuous support! In 2019, we weren’t quite as successful raisin funds from U.S. alumni, but since we have the funds provided by Barbro Osher that can now be used for scholarships to U.S. students, we were still able to award two scholarships. This year, the lucky students who got the scholarships were Brett Musolf, from San Diego and Yannick Williams, from Baltimore, both of whom are now at Chalmers, working on their Master’s Degrees.

An international environment at Chalmers fosters internationally skilled engineers, regardless of origin, and this in turn benefits both Swedish and international students as well as our global industry partners. Students of  more than 50 nationalities are registered for Master’s Programs at Chalmers.

So far, all U.S. Friends of Chalmers scholars have been excellent and we aim to attract more American students to our campus.  They are great ambassadors for their home country, for Swedish/American relations, and they help increase the status of the Chalmers education in an international context.

With 40 cutting edge Master’s Programs taught entirely in English, we know we have what it takes. Find information about our Master’s Programs. What we need are scholarships to help these students finance their education – for that, we humbly ask for your support to the scholarship program. Donations to U.S. Friends of Chalmers help us attract more of the right talent from the U.S. to Chalmers and build on the already strong relations between our countries.

Thanks for your help!

* Barbro Osher donated 1 MUSD to Chalmers in 2007 to be used for travel grants to Chalmers scientists to help pay for visits at US universities. In 2018, the stipulations for this donation were changed to include scholarships for incoming US students as well. Brett and Yannick were the first two students to get the Barbro Osher scholarship – in 2019.