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Scholarship awardees


Rebecca Gillie

Rebecca Gillie, who received her Bachelor's Degree in Audio and Music
Engineering from the University of Rochester in spring 2017, starts her Master's studies at Chalmers fall 2017.


Dear U.S. Friends of Chalmers,
Thank you for your support as I pursue a Master’s Degree in Sound and Vibration at
Chalmers. I was raised in Middletown, DE and recently completed my B.S. in Audio and Music Engineering at the University of Rochester in New York.
After completion of my Master’s Degree, I intend to work as an acoustical consultant. In this position, I will work with architects
and developers as they create plans for buildings and remodel spaces to ensure that these buildings and rooms provide the best listening environments for their purposes. I come from a musically involved family and grew up playing piano, flute, and percussion. This musical background, along with my strong interest in science, has guided my decision to pursue a career in the filed of acoustics.
In my undergraduate program I learned about recording technology and speaker
systems through audio focused electrical engineering courses such as Audio Electronics and Audio Signal Processing, as well as courses taught in a recording studio. While I took all the courses I could about acoustics, I am not satisfied with my knowledge in this area from a Civil and Mechanical Engineering perspective. Undergraduate coursework in this area is not common at universities in the United States, and is also rare to find in post-graduate programs. Hence, I was excited to find the Sound and Vibration program in Chalmers’ Civil and
Environmental Engineering Department’s Division of Applied Acoustics. Through this program I will learn about approaches being used to control noise in urban environments (such as noise from traffic), look in depth at room acoustics and how we model sound properties of a proposed space, and more, gaining knowledge and skills necessary to be a better acoustical consultant.

I am intrigued by other areas and industrial applications of acoustics and am looking forward to seeing some of these at Chalmers. For example, much research has been done in the Division of Applied Acoustics to learn about tire noise on the road and noise generated in vehicles in conjunction with Volvo and other companies in the area.

Aside from my career and educational aspirations, I am excited to spend the next two years as I pursue my degree learning more about Swedish culture. Growing up my family talked about our Swedish heritage some and made our own saffron bread to celebrate St. Lucia’s Day many years. Two of my grandfather’s cousins still live in Sweden and I look forward to spending some time with them over the next two years. I have always found learning about different cultures rewarding, particularly during my semester abroad in Hong Kong. I was able to gain
an understanding of Chinese language and culture that helps me to see the perspective of my Chinese peers and their families here in the USA. In addition to learning about Swedish culture during my time at Chalmers, I know the diverse international student body will allow me to learn from other cultures as well. I know this understanding will help me in the workplace in the future as industry becomes more global.

It was a pleasure to meet some of you in Atlanta in May and to experience some
Chalmers traditions. The sense of community among the alumni was strong and I thank you for
allowing me to enter the Chalmers community through your support of my studies.


Rebecca Gillie

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Josh Turan

Josh Turan from Knoxville Tennesse embarked on his Master's studies in Materials 
Engineering at Chalmers fall 2016 thanks to the U.S. Friends scholarship!

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My name is Josh Turan and I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. I was fortunate to be this year’s recipient of the US Friends of Chalmers scholarship. This scholarship allows me to pursue a master’s degree in Materials Engineering at Chalmers.

I discovered Chalmers through some of my colleagues at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), where I have been interning for the past year. I am most excited about the opportunity to meet and interact with many students from around the world, as well as traveling as much as possible. I am also eager to do research at a top university in my field of study. I have already been in contact with several professors whom I would like
to work for during my thesis.

Chalmers is well regarded for its high temperature corrosion research. This is the field I’ve been doing research in for the past year and would like to continue working in for the foreseeable future. I am motivated to do so because it is an area of research that is crucial for improving environmentally sustainable energy generation systems.

Many of my friends have asked me why I chose to study in Sweden. For me, Chalmers offers everything that I’m looking for in a master’s program. In addition to its beautiful location, the university has an exceptional Materials Engineering program with many strong connections to industry.

Since becoming interested in studies at Chalmers, I have encountered several people who have either been affiliated with the university or visited Gothenburg. I have also contacted some of the student ambassadors and heard nothing but praise for the university and its surroundings.

During my time at Chalmers I want to help promote the US Friends of Chalmers program. I would like other American students to be more aware of engineering graduate school programs outside of the United

Speaking of the scholarship, I was recently invited to attend a US Friends of Chalmers event in Dallas, Texas. Here I met Stefan Bengtsson, President of the university, as well as some other staff and many former Chalmerists. It was my first time interacting with Swedes and I must say it was an incredible experience. They were absolutely some of the friendliest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met. I must mention that everyone had a great sense of humor as well.

On Thursday night we ate yellow pea soup and pancakes, which I understand is a tradition in Sweden. The following day we took a tour of the North American headquarters of Ericsson where I was formally awarded my scholarship. Most importantly, I got to experience my first fika! This delightful two-day event reinforced my decision to study at Chalmers.

I’m keen to embark on my journey to Gothenburg and see what the next two years have in store. If all goes well I would like to stay in Sweden to pursue a PhD or begin my career in industry. Either way, I strongly believe that my time at Chalmers will give me these opportunities. I am also excited about the opportunity to travel, as I have spent very little time outside of the southeastern United States. I’ve long felt the desire to remove myself from this comfortable space and experience something new.

Thank you to those at US Friends of Chalmers who have made this possible.

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Mark Meurer

Mark Meurer, the U.S. Friends of Chalmers scholarship recipient for 2014 has started his Master’s degree at Chalmers. 

My name is Mark Meurer and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I have spent the last month thinking of the reasons why I am attending Chalmers because when I am asked this question I never can think of an answer and I always respond, “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, why not?”. However this doesn’t answer the question. So, why am I attending Chalmers? After much self contemplation, the truth is, I am not attending Chalmers for the education in Software Engineering. I have never had any problems in software development, technology, or self teaching. I am attending Chalmers because of the experience, the culture, and the connections. I want to obtain the knowledge, experience, and courage to take that first step in life. To not be limited by the boundaries of what I know. Too many people either do not have the opportunity, the drive, or the courage to step out of what they know and explore the unknown.

During my stay at Chalmers, I want to obtain the knowledge to start an international development firm that focuses on providing the tools necessary for starting a business, handling clientele, taking inventory, organizing operations, and running general operations to people that don’t have the resources for expensive enterprise technology. I have seen a lot of talented and driven people drop everything to follow their dreams and fail or get stuck for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is not having the tools necessary to succeed in a person’s respective field. I want to be able to help these people as well as nonprofit organizations, indie developers, small start ups, and anyone who takes the risk of following their dreams and doing what they love. Ever since I was a child, it has been a dream of mine to start a business and help people around the globe. Chalmers can provide the tools I need to follow my dream of helping others by providing the tools they need to follow their dreams.

Thank you for helping me follow my dreams!

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Tierra Duffield

Tierra Duffield from Utah University will start her studies in Nuclear Engineering at Chalmers this fall.

Thanks for your generous support, enabling me to come to Chalmers. My name is Tierra Shardey Duffield.  I just graduated from the University of Utah with my B.Sc. in chemical engineering with minors in nuclear engineering and chemistry. A love of science and discovering new things is what drew me to engineering.  I’ve always had a love for traveling and I became determined to do an internship oversees and in doing so volunteered for an international conference.  I got great contacts that triggered my search for nuclear engineering graduate schools in Europe, and found Chalmers.

I am in Japan on an internship in material science until it is time to come to Sweden to begin school in August.

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Brett Seward

Brett Seward, who got his Bachelor's Degree at Purdue University was the first scholar awarded the U.S. Friends Scholarship. He finished his Master's Degree in Acoustical Engineering at Chalmers in 2014 and has since been working at Johns Manville in Littleton, Colorado, where he is putting his skills to use managing the acoustics lab.

Thanks for your generous support, enabling me to come to Chalmers. I am from Goshen, Indiana, which is about 200 km east of Chicago. I gained a B.Sc. in Acoustical Engineering from Purdue University, while also minoring in Mechanical Engineering and Theatre Design & Production. Through my time at Purdue, I have gained experience in acoustics by working on projects related to noise control, sound reinforcement system design, and ultrasonic concrete research.

After living and studying in the Midwestern United States for my entire life, I am excited about the educational and cultural opportunities that will be available to me at Chalmers. Apart from a world-class acoustics department, I am looking forward to studying and researching in a multinational and multidisciplinary environment. While I would like to gain a broader understanding of the entire discipline of acoustics, I plan to focus my research primarily on room acoustics. After completing the international master's degree at Chalmers, I hope to enter the acoustical consulting field. Without your help this would not have been possible.

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